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Annuity Seeker is an online service dedicated to connecting savvy investors interested in annuity products to independent and unbiased product information.

We offer education on annuity products, opinion on annuity investing strategies, and the opportunity to speak to a licensed annuity advisor over the phone or in person.

We work with a nationwide network of licensed independent annuity advisors.

Because our network is not tied to one insurance company’s product, we can provide our customers information on all the best annuity products available.  No one insurance company has the best products in all annuity categories, so working with independent agents will provide you the best and safest choices.

Thank you for visiting AnnuitySeeker, and good luck in your search for the best annuity product to fit your needs.

Privacy Policy:

AnnuitySeeker has a strict policy on securing customer data.  We do not collect and store information from your visit to our site, unless you choose to submit and request to be contacted.  Any information that is collected is secured.

If you submit a quote request or request to speak to an annuity advisor, AnnuitySeeker will only use this information to provide you the services you requested.  We will not give or sell your information to a third party unrelated to your original request.

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