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AnnuitySeeker connects consumers looking for the best annuity products to our nationwide referral network of independent annuity advisors.

Speak to an Independent Licensed Annuity Advisor to learn about Annuities for your Retirement – Contact Annuity Seeker

Our network of independent licensed annuity agents is not tied to a single insurance company’s products; therefore we can provide our customers information on all the best annuity products available.  No one insurance company has the best products in all annuity categories, so working with an independent agent will provide you the best way to compare top rated annuities.

Our licensed advisors are here to help you learn about annuities and pick the best product for your situation. You have the choice of speaking to an advisor over the phone, through email, or an in person meeting in your home or office.  There is never any pressure to buy and the meeting is always on your terms.

Each state requires annuities be sold by a licensed annuity expert, so AnnuitySeeker will only connect you to advisors properly licensed in your state.


Why do we need your full contact information?  Annuity products are regulated by each individual state and can only be sold by an annuity specialist licensed in your specific state.  We will transmit your contact information to a local annuity specialist licensed in your state that has access to the specific products and insurance company offerings available to you.  Information transmitted over our website is secure and your personal information will only be used to provide you a personalized annuity quote.  Once you receive your free annuity quote, you will be under no obligation to purchase an annuity.  AnnuitySeeker is committed to protecting your privacy and we will not use your information to send you any other offers.  If you would like to ask us any other questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at customerservice@annuityseeker.com.

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